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This is the site of
 The Knights of GOD Clan.
We are a Clan of online gamers dedicated to bringing Honour, Justice, Fairplay, Integrity, Safety and Fun to the Online gaming world. We currently have 16 Game Servers and 1 TeamSpeak 3 server running and will be adding more as time progresses. Our Clan is made up of Knights of different Ranks and Squires who will bring a fresh and Honourable approach to gaming. We have few rules on our Servers and our Admins are trained to be polite and not aggressive. We will not allow Swearing, Religious, Sexual or Racial abuse on our Servers. We will also crack down on Anti-Social behaviour. We don't expect to become a Huge Clan, but we do offer the best we can for our Members. We have plenty of servers with different Games and will be adding more. Should you wish to be considered for acceptance in our Clan, please register on our Forums and put in your Application.
We welcome all gamers who agree to abide by our Creed and behavioural Codes.
Please do not forget we are a Christian Gaming Clan
Please also remember that we are a Vocal Site - So Sound On!
  Thank You and may God Bless you all
† KoG † Aggamemnon
© 2011
The †KoG† Tag is copyrighted and may not be used without the consent of the Owner. 

Apart from any use as permitted under the Copyright Act 1968 (Cth), all other rights are reserved.

The Knights of GOD Tag is a Copyright of the Knights of GOD Clan. Nothing displayed on the website should be construed as granting any licence or right to use, reproduce or adapt the Knights of GOD Clan without the written permission of the Knights of GOD Clan.



The Website and any information it contains are owned exclusively by †KoG† and/or its owner. This includes but is not limited to any graphics and editorial content .  The Knights of God Content is protected by copyright laws. The Website and its Owner own and retain all rights and the worldwide copyright in †KoG† solely and exclusively. These rights shall remain intact for the duration of such as outlined by each country, in all languages, throughout the universe.

You hereby agree not to use the Website in any way except as a compliant user as defined in this Agreement. You also agree not to create other works based on The Knights of GOD Clan, modify, rent, lease, loan, sell, distribute, redistribute or exploit knightsogod.com in any way that is not authorized. This can include, but is not limited to, trespassing upon or burdening network capacity. Any proprietary notices which are downloaded or printed from the Website shall also not be deleted or altered in any way. Any brand or product name contained in the Website is trademarked by its respective owner. You may not use any marks or logos seen throughout knightsogod.com or the Clan Servers without express permission given by the owner of said copyright, unless permitted by applicable laws.




Should you wish to join our Clan, you must first have introduced yourself to at least two members of our Clan and then they must vouch for your suitability. Then personal approval must be given from the Clan Commander and a Security Word will be given to you allowing you to register on our Website. After these steps are complete, you may then place your Application in the appropriate section abiding by the Format required. A security check will be made by KoG Security as to your past history on Steam and this will also be taken into account when the decision is made regarding your Application!

We also have Rules about the Games our Members can play! We will only accept those who agree in writing to abide by our Rules. We will only allow our Members to play Age Appropriate Games, we also restrict the playing of Games that can present Security Risks to our Servers and our Members Accounts. So we now require all Applicants to complete the steps needed to Join. You must have played on our Servers a lot and have also been Approved by our Members.

So if you still wish to become a Clan Member after reading this, then you should talk to as many Members as possible so the the Clan Leader can provide the CODE OF THE DAY which you will need to create an Account on the Site for an Application.


We do not apologise for any inconvenience that this may cause as it is our Obligation and Duty to keep the Members of this Clan safe from all unsavoury aspects of both the Internet and Online Gaming.


Please Remember that the Main Section of our Site is in the Forum.

You will see the Forum Button at the Top Left of the Screen.

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